Web design is just one of many skills and disciplines needed for the creation and maintenance of websites. Among the many components of web design are search engine optimization, user interface design (UI design), authorship, which includes standardized code and custom software, and online graphic design. Even though some designers manage every step of the design process, it is typical for many people to collaborate in teams to handle different areas. Creating a website’s front-end (client-side) design, which involves authoring markup, is frequently referred to as “web design.”

Web Development

The process of creating and maintaining a website is often referred to as “web development.” It includes components like database administration, web design, web publishing, and web programming. It involves building an online application, like a website.

Types of Web Development

    • Front-end web development. Front-end web development is responsible for the look and feel of a website.
    • Back-end web development.
    • Full-stack web development.
    • Web designer.
    • Web programmer.
    • Content developer.
    • Webmaster.